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Nursing Strategic Goals

Support Belonging and Growth

Create a greater sense of belonging within the nursing workforce through development and engagement.


Balanced Performance Metric

  • Feels safe speaking up
  • Intends to still work here in two to three years
  • Feels informed

Key Opportunities

  • Belonging
  • Clinical and leader development
  • Retention of nursing team members
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

Major Initiatives

  • Well-being support
  • Magnet journey
  • Recognition
  • Input/communication
  • Shared governance engagement—all levels
  • 5:1 coaching
  • Leader 1:1s
  • Development pathways for nursing team members: MA, MHT, CNA, LPN, RN

Improve Quality and Safety Outcomes

Enhance the culture of safety through the consistent application of Safety Together high reliability skills.

Safety of Care

Balanced Performance Metric

  • SSER – Inpatient
  • SSER – Ambulatory
  • DART rate

Key Opportunities

  • Reduce CAUTI, CLABSI and SSI rates
  • Reduce number of falls with injury
  • Reduce HAPI rate
  • Reduce number of employee injuries
  • Standardize ambulatory vital sign process

Major Initiatives

  • Safety Together
  • I-PASS
  • Transparency and visibility to performance on dashboards at the unit level
  • Accountability to best practices
  • Cardiac monitoring
  • MyChart Bedside

Care Experience

Improve patient experience through consistent use of best practices.

Patient Perception of Care

Balanced Performance Metric

  • Likely to Recommend – Inpatient
  • Likely to Recommend – Emergency
  • Likely to Recommend – Ambulatory

Key Opportunities

  • Improve patient and family experience of care
  • Leverage Care Councils

Major Initiatives

  • Interval rounding for inpatients
  • Nurse-leader rounding to support patients and inform coaching for team (5:1/iRound)
  • Standardize patient and family education utilized by clinical staff
  • Use thoughtful interaction tools with patients and families
  • Bedside shift report


Embrace workforce innovation by delivering care with updated team-nursing models that leverage every team member to the height of their licenses, training, skill and experience.

Financial Health

Balanced Performance Metric

  • Combined operating EBIDA margin

Key Opportunities

  • Creation of a sustainable nursing workforce plan
  • Retention of team members
  • Significant reduction of traveler usage

Major Initiatives

  • Partner with universities to create sustainable nurse pipeline
  • Create new care delivery models for nursing that are team based
  • Leverage technology
  • Virtual safety attendants
  • Cross-training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Career pathways