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  • Did you know that 9 out of 10 car seats are used incorrectly? Whether you are expecting your first baby or have a car full of kids, selecting and properly using a child safety seat can be a challenge.

    The type of seat your child needs depends on multiple factors, including your child’s age, height, weight, and developmental needs. You may also need to take into consideration the type of vehicle you will be transporting your child in, and the safety needs of other passengers.

    Let St. Luke’s help take the stress out of correctly installing a safety seat for your treasured cargo. We offer monthly car seat check-up events. At these events, a St. Luke's certified child passenger safety technician will evaluate your car seat for proper installation, use, and recall status, and answer any questions you may have regarding your child’s safety in the car.

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      Free, No Registration Required
  • The health of our patients, employees and community is tied to the health of our environment. 

    St. Luke’s mission is to improve the health of the communities we serve. This compels us to look at how climate is impacting health outcomes and our organization’s environmental impacts that contribute to the climate conversation. 

    This lecture series serves to deepen the conversation specific to Idaho on heat, smoke, human health and how St. Luke’s works within our communities.

    Decarbonizing Health Care

    October 26, 2022

    We'll discuss how hospital systems are implementing climate smart concepts. Based on her 26-year career in health care as vice president and environmental stewardship officer for Kaiser Permanente, Kathy Gerwig will share her experiences and journey implementing sustainability concepts within hospital systems.

    Pulling it All Together in Our Communities

    December 7, 2022

    We'll discuss St. Luke’s environmental sustainability framework, our journey and how we are working within the sustainability community. Dr. Sims will discuss how clinicians can get involved in climate actions within St. Luke’s, Idaho Clinicians for Climate and Health (ICCH), and national organizations. Stephanie Wicks will highlight the work St. Luke’s has underway and the City of Boise will join the conversation to discuss their climate work they are leading in the city and state.

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      Free, Registration Required
  • In this one-hour, online class, you’ll learn the basics of managing diabetes during pregnancy, including why it’s important to manage sugars, recommended eating patterns to help control blood sugars and goals for blood sugar management. 

    The class is taught by Jennifer Lofy, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. 

    Note: While the online class is a great fit for most people, one-on-one visits with a diabetes educator are also available for some individuals. Those with specific needs and/or obstacles to taking the online class — including very high blood sugar levels, preexisting health conditions, disabilities and/or if English isn’t their primary language — can ask a health care provider for a referral to the diabetes educator team. These individual classes are offered via telehealth and in person, depending on your needs and location.

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      Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022 12 p.m.-1 p.m.
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      Free, Registration Required
  • Pivio, the complete health improvement program, addresses the root cause of chronic disease: lifestyle choices. Without any obligation to participate, attend this free information session to learn more about Pivio. 

    This interactive session features video and discussion with Pivio facilitators. You will get a comprehensive overview of the program cost, schedule, and participation requirements, while also learning how Pivio can help reduce or prevent chronic diseases - some that you may have or be at risk for. 

    Pivio takes a "whole health" approach, focusing on the 6-pillars of Lifestyle Medicine: 

    • plant-rich eating pattern
    • physical activity
    • healthy sleep
    • stress management
    • meaningful relationships
    • avoidance of risky substances

    Attending an information session is highly recommended before registering for Pivio.

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      Monday, Dec 12, 2022 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
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      Free, Registration Required