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Nursing Annual Report

Cy Gearhard
Cy Gearhard, MN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer

Dear Nursing Colleagues, Patients, Families, and Community Members:

I am pleased to present to you the 2017 St. Luke’s Health System Nursing Annual Report. This system-wide publication reflects the talents and contributions of our extraordinary nurses across the many communities and settings in which we deliver care. 

It was a remarkable year for our health system in that we successfully completed our first year of implementing, stabilizing and optimizing myStLuke’s. Further optimization of the electronic health record is lifelong work, but the first year is a critical milestone. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your dedication and personal commitment to provide input on how this patient care tool can be improved to promote the highest level of safety and quality outcomes for our patients. 

In addition to the ongoing myStLuke’s work, our commitment to the professional development of our clinical professionals was evident by the implementation of our system PATHS program (Professional Advancement Through High-Performance and Skill). Our first cohort of participants completed 12 exemplary projects highlighted in this report. Cohort 2 and 3 projects have been approved and represent future improvement initiatives for the acute, ambulatory and post-acute settings.

Finally, as we have concluded 2017 and move forward into 2018, delivering exceptional quality and patient safety outcomes is always at the heart of the work we do. Our patients put their lives in our hands every day. They expect us to provide compassionate, standardized, evidence-based care with the best results. I am proud of the work across all sites on improvements and the future work to achieve highly reliable results. 

St. Luke’s recently was recognized for achieving the Watson Top 15 Health Systems award—our fifth consecutive year! (This was formerly called the Truven Top 15 Health Systems award.) We could not have received this recognition without our tremendous nursing professionals delivering the highest level of care every day. Thank you for your commitment to nursing and to the people and communities we serve.


Cynthia (Cy) Gearhard, MN, RN, NEA-BC
Vice President, Patient Care Services/System Chief Nursing Officer

Celebrating our Professional Practice Model: Relationship-Based Care

Relationship-Based Care (RBC), our professional practice model at St. Luke’s Health System (SLHS), helps align caring and healing processes to meet the needs of patients and their families. RBC has been an instrumental guide in both care delivery and demonstrating our culture. RBC enhances relationships both personally with patients, families and caregivers as well as professionally with colleagues and ancillary teams. The RBC concepts most familiar to staff may be care of self, care of colleagues and care of patient and family. This model, however, includes much more.

RBC has six essential elements: leadership, teamwork, professional nursing practice, patient care delivery, resource-driven practice and outcomes measurement. These elements are crucial to all areas of discipline within health care and tie directly back to St. Luke’s Strategy 2020 – putting the patient at the center of our care. We are the preferred providers in our communities because we deliver coordinated, affordable and accessible care through:

  • Leadership – Giving strength and power to all who practice within their discipline; coaching, encouraging and mentoring all team members to exemplify caring and healing in their language, actions and professional practice delivery.
  • Teamwork – Building teams that work collaboratively together across all disciplines, strengthening best practice and driving exceptional patient outcomes.
  • Patient Care Delivery – Maintaining a culture of safety and professionalism in all we do, recognizing better has no limit.
  • Resource-Driven Practice – Focusing on exceptional patient outcomes, we promote evidence-based practice in our care delivery.
  • Outcomes Measurement – Monitoring patient outcome data benchmarked by national vendors and internally if a national benchmark is not available;
    better has no limit.
  • Professional Nursing Practice – Demonstrating a team-based approach in caring practices that embody unique clinical knowledge and understanding
    of the human condition.

Six Behavioral Roles of Professional Nursing Practice

This year’s System Nursing Annual Report is dedicated to highlighting and celebrating how our nurses demonstrate the six professional nursing practice roles through their daily practice.

  • Leader – Advocate for patients/families; provide supervision/leadership to care team members; initiate changes to improve quality of care.
  • Teacher – Teach patients/families how to safely care for themselves within the health care setting and upon discharge.
  • Collaborator – Work with each team member to ensure they receive and provide important information and coordinate the plan of care.
  • Healer – Ensure patients/families receive physical, emotional and spiritual care based on assessment of their needs.
  • Guide – Ensure patients/families understand what to expect and are informed enough to make decisions about their care.
  • Sentry – Continuously assess, monitor and intervene for the patient to prevent complications, promote healing and optimize safe outcomes.
Relationship-Based Care helps transform work environments into cultures where personal responsibility and accountability prevail, healthy relationships flourish, and gratitude is openly expressed.

St. Luke's Health System - Nursing Demographics

System Demographics 2017

Download Full Copies of Our Nursing Annual Reports


2017 Nursing Annual Report

This report covers nursing initiatives and excellence, including our celebration of our professional practice model: Relationship-Based Care.

2016 Nursing Annual Report

Our 2016 report expanded to include the entire St. Luke's Health System, including our successful implementation of a system-wide electronic health record.

2015 Nursing Annual Report

This report detailed nursing highlights in our west region, including our 4th Magnet designation.

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