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Nursing Annual Report

Cy Gearhard
Cy Gearhard, MN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer

Dear Nursing Colleagues, Patients, Families, and Community Members:

It is my privilege to present to you St. Luke’s Health System’s first nursing annual report. Although nursing reports have been published separately at different sites and settings in the past, this is our first annual signature publication highlighting the collective contributions of our talented professional nurses across the Health System. Now more than ever, nursing’s role and influence is critical to the success of our organization, today and into the future.

As I reflect on the accomplishments of 2016, certainly the systematic GO LIVE of our electronic health record, myStLuke’s, is at the top of the list. I could not have been more inspired by the work of our nurses and our interdisciplinary partners for the several years of preparation prior to GO LIVE and executing on a successful “GO LIVE” October 1, 2016. Over the past six months, our teams have been completing the difficult work of stabilizing components of the health care record that have not been performing to the level required. This work has been prioritized based on feedback from our clinicians across the system based on the risk to quality and patient safety. Input from department, facility and system shared governance councils, safety huddles, clinical informatics and clinical nurse specialist resources and system affinity teams have been vital to our progression. Following the stabilization work, we will move into the lifelong journey of optimization. Again, we will rely on getting input from our nurses who are using myStLuke’s every day, to understand how we can innovate and to deliver the highest level of care with the greatest level of patient engagement possible.

The implementation of myStLuke’s was required to comprehensively care for patient populations at risk—population health. Previously, data was fragmented and unorganized. The single electronic health care record will not only be a documentation tool, but will provide a source of data for analyzing our effectiveness in achieving the best clinical outcomes at the lowest cost. The benefits of managing these high-risk patient populations effectively will be invaluable to the communities we serve. Nursing will be instrumental in current and newly developed roles to achieve these outcomes. To name a few, nursing will further influence precision in safe patient hand-offs, managing care transitions, performance improvement, medication safety, patient activation and patient advocacy across care settings. The need for advanced practice nurses will continue to escalate in all settings.

It’s an exciting time to be a professional nurse at St. Luke’s. In this turbulent environment our fundamental mission is unchanged in providing superior, evidence-based, compassionate care for our patients and their families. Thank you again for your devotion to the nursing profession and our unified commitment to patient care excellence.


Cynthia (Cy) Gearhard, MN, RN, NEA-BC
Vice President, Patient Care Services/System Chief Nursing Officer

System and Nursing & Patient Care Goals

  • Activating standardized tools and processes to implement myStLuke’s system-wide by October 1, 2016
    • Support the implementation of a fully integrated electronic health record across the system that will enhance patient safety, patient experience, staff engagement and create efficient work processes
  • Driving a culture that supports our employees, providers and partners to be exceptional in their roles at St. Luke's
    • Create an invigorated, energized RN workforce that finds enrichment/growth in their professional work
    • Clinical leaders will create meaningful development opportunities for patient care staff which will result in excellent patient outcomes
    • Develop a 20-year workforce plan that forecasts future nursing manpower needs across all settings to care for our communities
  • Delivering exceptional quality, safety and service for the communities we serve
    • Create a comprehensive program with our community partners to ensure there is appropriate access and delivery of exceptional care for behavioral and mental health patients in all settings
    • Harness data management and enhance use of technology to generate useful information to drive improvements in the patient experience and outcomes and minimize irrational variances due to lack of system standards
    • Create highly reliable clinical systems to drive an engaged workforce focused on flawless, evidence-based, patient-centered care
    • Create a highly reliable medication delivery system which improves patient safety, outcomes and experiences
    • Create safe and seamless transitions for patients across all care settings
  • Ensuring financial sustainability by meeting our stewardship targets in order to reinvest into our mission

St. Luke's Health System - Nursing Demographics

Download Full Copies of Our Nursing Annual Reports


2016 Nursing Annual Report

In 2016, we expanded our annual report to cover nursing initiatives and excellence across the entire St. Luke's Health System, including our successful implementation of a system-wide electronic health record.

2015 Nursing Annual Report

This report detailed nursing highlights in our west region, including our 4th Magnet designation.

2014 Nursing Annual Report

This report covered nursing innovations and accomplishments in our west region.

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