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Kidney Stone Treatment

Kidney stones are made of salts and minerals in the urine that stick together to form small "pebbles." They can be as small as grains of sand or as large as golf balls. They may stay in your kidneys or travel out of your body through the urinary tract.

The urology specialists at St. Luke’s provide surgical and non-surgical options to treat stone disease. And because you’re more likely to experience kidney stones if you’ve already had one, we’ll help you achieve long-term relief through education on why stones form and what you can do to prevent them from coming back.

Highlights & Resources

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    Finally Free of Kidney Stones

    Learn how the St. Luke's team helped Dennis, who had battled kidney stones off and on for more than seven years.
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    Kidney Stones: Preventing Kidney Stones Through Diet

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    Kidney Stones: Medicines That Increase Your Risk

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    Types of Kidney Stones


  • General Urology

    Care for problems such as kidney stones, urinary incontinence, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, and erectile dysfunction.

  • Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Urology

    Robotic and minimally invasive types of surgery for the urinary tract and male reproductive organs.

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