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Urodynamic Testing


Urodynamic Tests

What is urodynamic testing?

Urodynamic testing helps providers plan a course of treatment for patients who were born with a bladder related disorder, have developmental issues, have experienced bladder problems with age, or are considering certain surgeries. Your care team will determine which tests are right for you or your child, but all tests focus on how the bladder is performing its main functions of filling and emptying. After testing, you and your care team will determine what course of treatment will help improve your bladder function.

Are all urodynamic tests the same?

No, there are many options for testing. Some tests are more invasive than others. Your care team will determine which tests are needed, and may decide to do further testing depending on initial test results.

Will the tests be embarrassing?

You may feel embarrassed about your condition or about what testing will entail. Don’t, these tests are our job and we will do our best to help you feel comfortable throughout the process. Tests are performed in a compassionate manner in a private setting.


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