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Joe’s an upbeat, outgoing boy who loves to play sports with other kids, especially baseball. He loves going to Boise Hawks baseball games and Idaho Steelheads hockey games. He just really loves all sports. You can always find him outside playing and ready to go.

Joe has Dravet syndrome, a rare genetic seizure disorder. He started having seizures when he was just six months old, and his doctors thought he had epilepsy but weren’t sure. Finally, when he was four years old, genetic testing showed he had Dravet syndrome.

Joe sees many specialists at St. Luke’s Children’s including neurology, neuropsychology, genetics, physical therapy and occupational therapy. They all work to lessen the effects of the seizures Joe experiences many times a week. Joe has taken part in research studies to try and treat his condition, because although there isn’t a cure, scientists are learning more every day about gene mutations and how to make life better for kids like Joe.

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