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Jarrett loves life and all it has to offer. He doesn’t talk much, but has a smile that lights up the room. He also is a huge BSU fan, and collects all things blue and orange. His teacher even asked if he owned any clothes that weren’t blue and orange. He also loves animals and enjoys caring for them.

From the time he was born, Jarrett has faced many health challenges including autism, asthma, recurrent pneumonia, and gastrointestinal issues. He has had major surgery, and has spent much of his young life in doctor offices and the hospital. Over the years he’s grown close to his doctors, nurses, and clinic staff. He loves a good joke and frequently hides plastic critters in the room to play with his nurses. He enjoys asking the hospital staff lots of questions, and wants to become a radiation tech or registered nurse.

Jarrett has found welcome relief and distraction from his medical issues by becoming a competitive clogger. He has been clogging since 2006 and spends his spare time clogging around the house. He received the “superstar” award at one Boise competition and enjoys nationals held every spring at Lagoon Park in Utah. Despite his medical struggles, Jarrett continues to work on his team dances and amazes his teachers with his ability to keep up despite his hospital stays. 

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