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Photo Gallery - Our Inspirational Patients


Spencer was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic (lymphoblastic) leukemia right after his family had returned home from heart transplant surgery for his younger brother, Noah. On the day he was diagnosed, there wasn’t a dry eye in the hospital, says his mom. The medical staff at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital had gotten to know the family because of Noah. “Spencer has always been a strong support for our family and especially for Noah,” she says. “For him to be sick was just devastating.”

His parents thought there was no way they could get through another critical illness, but Spencer took the reins and let them know they were all going to make it through. He told his mother, "Mom, I am just sick! I will get better." And he meant it.

Cancer changed Spencer's life. He has formed friendships that will last forever, he has lost close friends to cancer, and he continues to advocate for childhood cancer research. Every year he shaves his head to mark St. Baldrick’s and stand in solidarity with childhood cancer fighters, survivors, and angels. “Sometimes it’s sad,” says his mom, “but as a family we’ve learned so much about living, loving, and being there for one another.”

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