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Photo Gallery - Our Inspirational Patients


Adam was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) when he was eight years old, sending his whole family on a journey they were never expecting.

But Adam’s mom says they immediately began to trust the pediatric oncology team at St. Luke’s Cancer Institute, as well as the caring staff at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, to guide and help them through this unfamiliar and scary territory.

Thanks to pediatric cancer research, children with ALL have a survival rate of over 85%, so Adam’s family was hopeful he would have a full recovery. “We focused on loving our son, keeping our family strong, and taking it one day at a time,” Adam’s mom says. “And each step of the way, we found help, resources, and support.”

After three years of treatment, Adam fulfilled his family’s hopes for a full recovery. Today he’s healthy, and his mom believes that “cancer served to bring out the best in our son, and even opened his heart more than would have otherwise happened.”

  1. Benaiah