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Meet Our Parent Mentors

Erica W.

Erica W. is a mentor for parents who have experienced infant/child loss. She also offers mentorship related to having a baby after the loss of a child.

My husband Aaron and I are parents to five children, two that we hold with our hands and three that we hold in our hearts. In 2013, we found out we were having triplets. While carrying multiples comes with risks, we were very thankful that they continued to grow on track and that the pregnancy was considered smooth overall. On January 5, 2014, that all changed due to a placental abruption. After about 24 hours, we held our three babies in our arms and said our forever goodbye just 12 hours later.

We went from researching bigger cars to planning a funeral. On top of it all, we were new to the Boise area and had very little support surrounding us. I relied heavily on monthly support groups but found the in-between weeks to be agonizing. I didn’t know what I wanted to say, or how I fel for that matter, but I knew I didn’t want to be alone.

There were a lot of ups and downs in the days, weeks, and years following. I was juggling an overwhelming level of grief while trying my best to care for our (then) 1.5-year-old daughter. We went on to have our rainbow baby (a baby born after loss), but I still felt the need to validate the existence of our triplets. In 2016, I founded a non-profit that provides support to families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss. As a community, we have created holiday traditions, remembrance events, and raised funds to provide Idaho hospitals with resources to help support families during those short hours with their baby(ies).

Like any birth, no two stories are the same. I may not share in the exact same experience(s), but I welcome a conversation and will provide a listening ear. There are thoughts and emotions I didn’t realize others shared until I started sharing my story. You don’t have to walk this journey alone.

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You are not alone.

Support from someone who knows the pain and grief of child loss can make all the difference.

Connect with a parent mentor today. Call (208) 706-6487 or send us an email.