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How Your Donations Help

Support for Research

Research changes lives every day. It’s vital to advancing medical knowledge and discovering treatments and cures. And philanthropic giving is vital to keeping research going. From pediatric cancer to arthritis, from heart disease to chronic wounds, many donors give to support research opportunities at St. Luke's, including laboratory research, patient clinical trials and applied research in the community.

One patient participating in a research study through St. Luke's Cancer Institute is Gannon Steed, who was diagnosed with hemophilia two weeks after he was born in January of 2014. The research team at St. Luke's was able to offer a clinical trial option to Gannon and his family, and as a result, Gannon became the first patient in the world under 5 years old to receive a new drug, N9-GP. The U.S. brand name of the drug is Rebinyn.

Most importantly, the new drug is working as it should for Gannon. “He has not had any unexpected bleeding, and he’s doing really well,” said Tammie Eslinger, a research manager at St. Luke's, who added that there have been no side effects. “It’s been an amazing success.” That means that Gannon has been able to enjoy a relatively normal boyhood. Learn more about Gannon's story.

  1. Peaceful Environment for Cancer Patients

Our team can help you find a giving opportunity that's meaningful to you. Email [email protected] or call (208) 381-2123 for assistance.