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Research Studies and Clinical Trials at St. Luke's

Medical research changes lives every day, and patients play a crucial part. St. Luke’s is dedicated to research that facilitates the discovery and testing of promising new treatments, increases our understanding of biology and genetics, and improves the health and well-being of our local and global community. When our researchers complete a study, they share their results with other doctors and researchers around the world. Your participation in research can potentially benefit not only you, but many others.

Areas of Research

  • Cancer Research Studies for Adults

  • Cardiology Research Studies

  • Cystic Fibrosis Research Studies

  • Diabetes Research Studies

  • Pediatric Eye Disorder Research Studies

  • Pediatric Gastrointestinal Research Studies

  • Rheumatalogy Research Studies

  • Sports Medicine Research Studies

    More About Research Studies and Clinical Trials 

    • Participating in Clinical Trials

      • Learn more about clinical research and your rights and protections as a research participant.
      • Learn More
    • Why is Clinical Research Important?

      • Research can lead to important discoveries that save lives and improve patients’ quality of life.
    • Points to Consider Before Participating in a Clinical Trial

      • Participation is voluntary and may or may not help you personally, but could help others in the future.
    • Benefits and Risks

      • Be sure to discuss your potential benefits, risks, and alternatives with your doctor.