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Practice Standardization and Innovation

Nurses at St. Luke’s can give better and safer care when we standardize our practice. Standardizing our practice across our hospitals and clinics ensures that we will provide the same high-quality care with every patient, every time. The Nursing and Patient Care Center of Excellence leads this work by studying evidence-based best practices and including these in our policies, procedures and change management processes. We also use our Nurse Practice Act and guidelines from nursing specialty organizations to support our work.

The Center’s directors of nursing practice and clinical nurse specialists work to translate and apply all of this knowledge to the daily work of the nurse.

Innovation is defined as, “the application of creativity or problem solving that results in a widely adopted strategy, product, or service that meets a need in a new and different way. Innovations are about improvement in quality, cost effectiveness, or efficiency” (Kaya et al 2015, 1674). The Nursing and Patient Care Center of Excellence supports and promotes innovation by nurses in all areas of St. Luke’s.

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