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Launching Your Career with St. Luke's 

If you're looking for an employer dedicated to helping you learn, grow, and succeed for years to come, look no further! St. Luke’s commitment to nurses begins before nursing school ends and will continue throughout your career. We know that nurses are the heart and soul of every health care organization, so we recognize the importance of delivering a culture and career path that connects with your passion, purpose and long-term goals.

St. Luke’s is not only committed to your personal and professional growth and continued education, but also to helping you become an important part of a positive work environment and excellent patient care. We'll help you explore your career goals through:

  • Your initial interview, where you'll hear about a variety of career paths and potential next steps.
  • Bi-annual reviews, where you'll discuss and update your professional development goals with your supervisor.
  • Learning opportunities, including job shadowing, additional certifications, specialty unit training, skill-building experiences, and access to specialized library resources.

How We Support Your Growth and Development

  • Enabling a Smooth Transition

    Nursing students can join St. Luke's as an apprentice in our SNAP program, and later transition to full-time nursing in our STAR Nurse Residency Program.

  • Nursing and Patient Care Center of Excellence

    The experienced nurses at the Nursing and Patient Care Center of Excellence will help you grow professionally and personally while driving evidence-based care.

  • Diverse Clinical Care Opportunities

    Do you enjoy working with a specific patient population? Which care environment do you envision practicing in? St. Luke’s has a place for you! Review our clinical unit summaries.

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Living Our Values

What is it about St. Luke’s that inspires a patient to write a heartfelt thank you note to their care team? Or brings a mother who has spent months in the NICU with her newborn back to our hospital to volunteer for other families in need?

These people experienced something special at St. Luke’s – something above and beyond our quality health care, welcoming facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. They connected with the team that cared for them, and appreciated how our staff demonstrates St. Luke’s values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, excellence.

Our Mission and Tradition of Excellence

We're Waiting for You!

You're not just embarking on a new career, you're also starting a new chapter in your life. To ensure you feel supported in every way, we emphasize the importance of work-life balance and offer generous benefits. We're certain that you'll love where you live too...there's much more to Idaho than potatoes. 

We are excited to meet you and encourage you to apply!