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Newborn Intensive Care and NICUs

Your baby’s health is our highest priority. Babies who are born premature or with medical issues receive expert care at St. Luke’s Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICUs), where our board certified neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, and dedicated nurses are here for you and your baby—anytime, day and night.

Care is also supported by a wide variety of additional experts including pediatric specialty physicians in areas such as cardiology, neurology, nephrology, and genetics; dietitians to manage nutrition; respiratory therapists to assist with breathing concerns; speech-language pathologists to address swallowing issues; physical and occupational therapists to care for muscle and skill development; and pharmacists to monitor medications. You'll also have access to supportive services through our care coordination, social work and spiritual care teams. Together, our entire team is committed to ensuring your baby gets the best start in life.

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Newborn Levels of Care at St. Luke's

  • Level 4: St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Boise

    Idaho's largest and most experienced NICU with board-certified neonatologists on site 24/7 immediate care working with a broad array of pediatric surgical and medical subspecialists.

    Virtually every newborn with an emergency or long-term need can be cared for in the Children's Hospital NICU, which provides highest level of neonatal care, with the exception of heart surgery and heart-lung bypass.

  • Level 3: St. Luke's Magic Valley in Twin Falls

    This NICU offers complex care by the same group of neonatal doctors and nurse practitioners as our Boise NICU. These doctors and nurses are on site 24/7.

    Some infants with more serious or long-term illnesses, complex medical issues, or extreme prematurity will be transported to the Boise NICU for more specialized medical or surgical care.

  • Level 2: St. Luke's Meridian and Nampa

    These NICUs care for infants with medical issues that are considered moderate, stable, or expected to resolve quickly. Care may include IV feedings and infusions, tube feedings, or oxygen and noninvasive respiratory support.

    These units care for infants who are 8 weeks premature or less. The same providers who staff our Boise NICU are on site or on call at Meridian and Nampa. 

  • Safe Transport in Idaho and Beyond

    We work closely with children's hospitals around the western United States who can provide higher levels of care.

    Our dedicated Air St. Luke's maternal-child transport team provides safe transport when infants require care out of state. They also transport babies to the Boise NICU from surrounding areas, and transfer babies from Boise to the Magic Valley, Meridian and Nampa NICUs to bring them closer to home as their conditions improve.

Additional Support

  • NICU Infant Nutrition

    St. Luke’s uses donor human milk (DHM) for at-risk infants to supplement a mother’s own milk supply if it is insufficient or if the mother is unable to provide milk for her infant. The use of DHM is recognized as best practice and is the gold standard for nutritional care of at-risk infants.

    DHM is obtained from facilities accredited by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).

  • NICU Follow-up Clinic

    The St. Luke's Children's NICU Follow-up Clinic provides continued assessment for many NICU babies after they "graduate" from the unit.

    We evaluate growth and development, ensure access to resources, and coach parents in recognizing and caring for growth or developmental concerns.

  • Parent Support and Advocacy

    Our NICU social workers and nurses can help connect you with support and advocacy groups for parents of NICU babies.

    • Boise: (208) 381-3254 or (208) 381-7673
    • Magic Valley: (208) 814-3620
    • Meridian: (208) 706-1565
    • Nampa: (208) 205-7199

Traveling to St. Luke's

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