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Milk Donation Center

Breast milk donation can help hospitalized babies. For premature infants and other infants in need of special care, human milk can be lifesaving and provides the best protection against devastating infections. Besides premature and vulnerable infants, breast milk may help babies, children, and even adults who have allergies or sensitivities to formulas, gastrointestinal problems, immune deficiencies, or other conditions.

St. Luke’s breastfeeding specialists can answer your questions about becoming a milk donor, assist you with the screening process, and ship your precious milk to a donor milk facility. There it will be processed, pasteurized, and distributed to infants who will benefit from it.

For more information, please call:

  • Boise: (208) 381-7643
  • Twin Falls: (208) 814-3820
  • Meridian: (208) 706-3119