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Hip Fracture

What does a broken hip mean for me?

A hip fracture is more than a broken bone. If you're older, breaking your hip can mean a major life change. You'll probably need surgery, and it can take as long as a year to recover. But activity and physical therapy can help you get your strength and mobility back. It also may indicate that you have osteoporosis, and you should be evaluated to help prevent future fractures.

St. Luke's Hip Fracture Program

Surgery is just the first step after a hip fracture. At St. Luke's, our highly skilled, experienced and compassionate team is dedicated to providing the most current, clinically proven treatments available at every stage of your recovery. We strive for shorter times to surgery, earlier physical therapy, and earlier release from the hospital.

After you go home, we'll continue to work with you as needed to help ensure you reach your highest level of mobility. We also work with local agencies, as needed, to continue your rehabilitation and recovery process after your discharge from the hospital.

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