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St. Luke's MSTI: Twin Falls

For advanced, compassionate cancer care, patients and their families have trusted St. Luke's MSTI for more than 40 years. Today we’re a network of five cancer centers dedicated to state-of-the-art treatment close to home; patient-centered care and support; cutting-edge research; and community prevention, education, and early detection initiatives. 

Our cancer center in Twin Falls brings you medical and radiation oncology specialists, access to the best surgeons in the region, onsite pharmacy and lab, and a wide range of support services to care for your overall well-being. We’ll be with you and your family every step of the way during your cancer journey, treating cancer, easing symptoms and side effects, and strengthening you physically, mentally, and emotionally.


      Procedures & Treatments


        • Anal Cancer

          Anal cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in the anus, which is the opening at the end of the rectum.

        • Breast Cancer

          When abnormal cells grow out of control in one or both breasts. They can invade nearby tissues and form a malignant tumor.

        • Colon Cancer

          Abnormal cells in your colon or rectum can grow together and form polyps. Over time, some polyps can turn into cancer.

        • Head and Neck Cancer

          Care for cancers of the sinuses, nasal and oral cavities, tongue, salivary glands, larynx, and pharynx.

        • Liver Cancer

          A disease in which cancer cells form in the tissues of the liver; the most common type in adults is hepatocellular carcinoma.

        • Pancreatic Cancer

          When abnormal cells grow and form tumors in the pancreas; a small organ deep in the belly, behind your stomach.

        • Prostate Cancer

          The abnormal growth of cells in a man's prostate gland.

        • Sarcoma

          Cancers found in connective tissue such as bone, cartilage, and muscle.

        Classes & Events

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          Information and Referral Assistance at St. Luke’s Magic Valley

          We're Here to Help

          Our team can connect you with the right local primary and specialty healthcare providers, mental health professionals, social services, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to meet your needs. We also have information about community resources such as assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, transportation, support groups, grief and bereavement services, and more.

          Call us today at (208) 814-0065 or toll-free 1-800-649-9798.