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When to Call Your St. Luke's Cancer Institute Doctor

Cancer and cancer treatment can cause many changes to your body. Knowing which symptoms are normal and which are not can be confusing. When you need to talk with your St. Luke’s Cancer Institute doctor, nurse practitioner, or other oncology care provider, please follow these general guidelines:

  • If your questions are of a routine nature, your doctor will be happy to discuss them with you during your regular office visit.
  • If you have a problem or question between your regular office visits, please feel free to call us during regular clinic hours.
  • After hours calls should be reserved for urgent needs only.
  • For all calls, please have your pill bottles or medication list with you when you call, so we can be certain we know exactly what medications you are taking.

Danger Signals

Call your physician immediately if you experience any of the following urgent issues:

  • Temperature above 100.4º F
  • Sudden onset of pain, or pain unrelieved by current medications
  • Difficulty breathing or increased shortness of breath, new onset cough
  • Blood in vomit, stool, or urine; nosebleeds or bleeding gums
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea not responsive to medication

What to Expect

When you call the clinic about your medical needs, for medication refills, or for test results, the information will be forwarded to a nurse. The nurse will call you back for more details, focusing on pertinent medical questions. Please be sure to provide accurate phone number(s) for us to return your call, and consider limiting the use of your telephone so we can get back to you promptly.

This process can at times be lengthy. The nurse is trained to prioritize calls based on their urgency and severity. We know your medical issues are of great importance and we will do all we can to respond quickly. At times, non-urgent requests may be handled later in the day if more serious issues arise. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this process.

Calls During Clinic Hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.


Medical Oncology: (208) 381-2790 or 1-800-845-4624
Radiation Oncology: (208) 381-2720 or 1-800-845-4624


(208) 452-7677 or 1-800-473-9618


(208) 706-5651 or 1-800-473-0331


(208) 467-6700 or 1-800-553-6415

Twin Falls

(208) 814-1600 or 1-800-947-4852

After-Hours Calls

A St. Luke’s Cancer Institute doctor is available for emergency care before and after regular office hours. Please reserve after-hours calls for urgent needs. If you have not received a return call from the doctor within 30 minutes, please phone again. The after-hours numbers are:

Medical Oncology/Hematology and Radiation Oncology

Boise, Fruitland, Meridian, Nampa: (208) 327-8055
Twin Falls: (208) 814-1000 or 1-800-947-4852

Gynecological Oncology

(208) 327-8055

Pediatric Oncology/Hematology

(208) 327-8007