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COVID-19 news and updates

The latest St. Luke’s news and information related to coronavirus and COVID-19.

Voices from the front lines: St. Luke's caregivers talk COVID-19 experiences

By Dave Southorn, News and Community
December 2, 2020

For nearly a year now, St. Luke’s and other health systems across the country have battled the COVID-19 pandemic.

Countless hours have been spent treating a new, highly contagious virus, putting extreme stress on frontline health care workers.

Below are four videos of St. Luke’s employees discussing their experiences with COVID-19. Their message? COVID-19 needs to continue to be taken seriously.

See more videos on our YouTube page: St. Luke's Health System - YouTube

ICU nurse talks about COVID-19

ICU nurse Agnes Boisvert gets real about COVID-19. Boisvert, who works in St. Luke’s Boise hospital, said, “This is what we were fearing … (patients) have this look in their eye, this absolute fear.”

Respiratory therapist talks about a pandemic of misinformation

St. Luke's respiratory therapist Nancy Roberts talks about misinformation, death and dealing with how her job has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You see one person die from this, and you’re forever touched by it,” Roberts said. “For somebody to not believe this is happening, it blows my mind.”

Respiratory therapist urges people to wear face coverings

“I wear my mask to take care of you. You should wear your mask to take care of me,” St. Luke's Rachel Thain, a respiratory therapist, said. “Now when I see people not wearing their masks and not wanting to wear their masks, it’s like a sign of disrespect to me at this point.”

Thain notes that two of her sickest patients have been in their 20s.

What Magic Valley team members want you to know

Early in the pandemic, support was strong, but public support has waned.

“It’s real, and it’s filling up our hospitals,” Dr. Adam Robison said.

About The Author

Dave Southorn works in the Communications and Marketing department at St. Luke's.