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Tips for a Successful MyChart Video Visit

Are you ready for your video visit?

  • Wait Just a Bit...

    We can see when you have connected successfully, so someone will be with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

  • Find a Comfortable, Well-lit Seat

    We want to be able to see your face easily and clearly.

  • Check Your Audio/Video Setup

    Make sure your camera is on and that your microphone is not on mute!

  • Manage Calls and Notifications

    If you're on a mobile phone, do not answer calls or click on texts or other push notifications until your visit is complete so you can avoid navigating away from this virtual waiting room.

Video Visit

What if I accidentally leave the virtual waiting room?

If you accidentally leave the virtual waiting room, return to the MyChart home screen and click Visits. 

  • On a desktop or laptop computer, select your visit, then click “Details” and “Join video visit.” 
  • On a mobile device, click the green video icon.

For On-Demand Virtual Care

  • Our provider will evaluate your symptoms or concerns carefully to determine if you can be treated virtually. 

    • Please note: not all concerns can be treated virtually. If our provider cannot treat you, they will help guide you to the right place for care!
    • If you have ear pain, an in-person appointment is required so we can see the inside of your ear before determining a treatment plan.
    • If you have a way to measure your weight, temperature, or oxygen saturation at home, please have that information ready for the provider. 
    • If you are being seen for a rash, please take a picture have it ready to upload when our medical assistant sends you a MyChart message. 
    • Have a flashlight ready if you have a sore throat to allow the provider to get a better view during the exam.