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Tips for a Successful MyChart Video Visit

Are you ready for your video visit?

  • Find a Comfortable, Well-lit Seat

    We want to be able to see your face easily and clearly.

  • Check Your Audio/Video Setup

    Make sure your camera is on and that your microphone is not on mute!

  • Manage Calls and Notifications

    If you're on a mobile phone, do not answer calls or click on texts or other push notifications until your visit is complete so you can avoid navigating away from this virtual waiting room.

  • Wait Just a Bit...

    We can see when you have connected successfully, so someone will be with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

Video Visit

What if I accidentally leave the virtual waiting room?

If you accidentally leave the virtual waiting room, return to the MyChart home screen and click Visits. 

  • On a desktop or laptop computer, select your visit, then click “Details” and “Join video visit.” 
  • On a mobile device, click the green video icon.

For On-Demand Virtual Care

  • Our provider will evaluate your symptoms or concerns carefully to determine if you can be treated virtually. 

    • Please note: not all concerns can be treated virtually. If our provider cannot treat you, they will help guide you to the right place for care!
    • If you have ear pain, an in-person appointment is required so we can see the inside of your ear before determining a treatment plan.