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Spiritual Care for Cancer Patients

We understand that spirituality can be a great source of strength, connection, hope, and meaning as you and your family cope with cancer and its impact on your lives.
Our professional chaplains offer listening and support at any time during your diagnosis and treatment, regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs. We invite you to share your personal story, faith issues, and ethical concerns. We can also help with other challenges you may face as you receive care at St. Luke’s Cancer Institute.

How We Can Help

Our team provides both emotional and spiritual support to cancer patients, family members, and caregivers. We can help with:

  • Sharing problems, concerns, fears, and questions
  • Giving a blessing or special prayer at critical moments during your treatment
  • Offering prayer, sacred readings, sacraments, and devotional materials
  • Providing guidance and support with difficult decisions or ethical matters
  • Contacting community clergy or your spiritual guide, at your request

How to Reach Us

If you would like to talk with a chaplain, please ask any member of the St. Luke’s Cancer Institute staff. Chaplains are available throughout the week at the various clinic and hospital sites.

A chaplain can meet you when you’re coming for other appointments, for prayer or connection at the time of treatment, or for a private visit at a time that works for you. We can also talk with you by phone.

To request a chaplain visit, please call (208) 381-2711.

St. Luke’s Chapels

St. Luke’s Boise, St. Luke's Meridian, and St. Luke's Magic Valley hospitals have beautiful chapels that are always available for reflection, quiet, and prayer. Hospital spiritual care offices are located near the chapels, and chaplains can be contacted there as well for your support.

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