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Virtual Care

St. Luke's Virtual Care connects patients and health care professionals in different physical locations. We offer two-way audio-visual encounters to enable remote patient management, virtual acute care, and virtual ambulatory care services, allowing us to extend high quality healthcare services to a broader region and improve health outcomes. 

We also operate a Virtual Care Center, a high-tech care hub where centralized medical teams use telehealth technology with a human touch to care for patients around-the-clock – when and where they need us. 

Outpatient Virtual Care Services

  • On-Demand Virtual Care

    St. Luke's offers on-demand virtual care services seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

  • E-Visits

    E-Visits allow you to submit a questionnaire about a health concern and receive a response from one of our providers within one business day.

  • MyChart Video Visits

    For a visit with your established provider, these direct provider-to-patient scheduled video visits offer convenient clinic visits to patients in their place of residence.

  • Clinic-to-Clinic Telehealth

    Pre-scheduled outpatient specialty physician services provided to remote clinics for patients who require or prefer in-clinic care.

Acute Inpatient and Emergency Department Virtual Care Services

  • Virtual Hospital

    Physicians, nurses, and social workers are often able to evaluate a patient's condition remotely, providing additional support to bedside care staff.

  • TeleICU

    24/7 data and video monitoring to support critical patients across the health system; provides immediate access to critical care nurses and intensivists for bedside support, escalation, and patient changes.

  • Teleneurology

    This emergent neurology support in rural locations allows for faster intervention during time-sensitive stroke situations when “boots on the ground” assets are not available.

  • Transfer Center

    Enables efficient coordination of patient movement, provider-to-provider consults, and collaboration with transport teams and community assets; acts as the “front door” to St. Luke's for outside organizations.

  • Virtual Safety Attendants

    Your safety is our top priority. During your stay, you may be monitored by a virtual safety attendant, who can use two-way audio and video equipment to communicate with you when needed.

  • Centralized Monitoring

    Centrally located telehealth specialists continuously monitor oxygen saturation and cardiac rhythm. Partnering with bedside care teams, they provide  additional safety to their assigned patients.

Remote Patient Management

  • Primary Care

    Chronic disease management and collaborative care planning that empowers patients, reduces ED utilization and hospital readmission. View Brian's story to see how remote connection to his primary care provider has supported his health.

  • Transition of Care

    Transitional support for adult medical patients discharged from the hospital promotes safe and early discharge, enables rapid intervention if needed, and reduces hospital readmission.

  • COVID Transition of Care

    Transitional support for COVID patients discharged from the hospital allows for early assessment and intervention, if needed, as fragile patients recover.

  • Home Care

    Monitoring and support for patients enrolled in St. Luke’s Home Health programs.

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