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Parenting Newborns, Infants, and Toddlers

You’ve read all the right books and are caught up on the latest research — but even the best-laid plans can come crashing down in the face of a screaming little one. Parenting newborns, infants, and toddlers can be tricky, but we understand what you’re going through. St. Luke’s offers resources and classes to help you steer through these years, from the moment you drive your newborn home to the day your child speaks her first full sentence and beyond.


Call our New Parent Help Line for Assistance
  • Treasure Valley, Mountain Home and Wood River: (208) 706-5770
  • Magic Valley: (208) 814-3649
  • McCall: (208) 630-2270

  • Highlights & Resources

    • Article

      Baby's Daily Needs: What to Expect

    • Article

      Health and Safety, Birth to 2 Years

    • Article

      Growth and Development, Ages 1 to 12 Months

    • Article

      Growth and Development, Ages 12 to 24 Months


    • Pediatrics

      Child wellness care and treatment for illness, injury, development issues, and psychological problems.
    • Family Medicine

      Our providers care for your whole family, whether you need general wellness services or treatment for a specific condition.


    Is Your Family in Need of Extra Support?

    • Crying Baby Plan

      All babies cry, some more than others. What can you do? Plan ahead. Learn how to stay calm, check your baby's basic needs, and create a crying plan for when you're feeling overwhelmed.