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We’re dedicated to maintaining your health and safety as you manage hemophilia or another bleeding disorder. Through annual checkups, we’ll work to detect complications early, reduce hospitalizations, and ensure access to specialized resources, such as:

•       Personalized physical therapy and exercise plans
•       Genetic, nutritional, and education/career counseling
•       Financial advocacy and social work services
•       Orthotic and infectious disease specialists as well as the latest products, treatments, specialized lab tests, and research studies
•       Self-infusion education and risk reduction through blood safety testing and monitoring and hepatitis A and B vaccinations

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Highlights & Resources

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  • Facilities & Locations

The only center in Idaho offering comprehensive care for patients with hemophilia, bleeding disorders, and blood clotting problems.

  • Location & Contact Info

    100 E. Idaho St.
    Boise, ID 83712
    (208) 381-2782

Articles & Resources

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