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St. Luke's Children's Essence Clinic

The team of specialists at St. Luke’s Children’s Essence Clinic is dedicated to improving health and experiences for children, adolescents, and young adults with differences in sexual development (DSD) and/or gender identity. Our multidisciplinary team is welcoming and compassionate, providing integrated health care in a safe and affirming atmosphere. 

Our thorough evaluation process helps us develop treatment options and a medical plan that respects each patient's unique needs and circumstances. And, our team is passionate about ensuring education and support for both patients and families as they evaluate treatment options and navigate medical, financial, insurance, and care-access concerns, such as lodging and scheduling. 

Areas of Focus

  • Differences in sexual development (DSD): DSD encompasses conditions in which a person is born with sexual and/or reproductive anatomy that is not consistent with typical definitions of male or female anatomy. This may include atypical or ambiguous genitalia, unusual chromosome patterns, or differences in internal reproductive or urinary organ development. Our team provides hormonal therapy, mental health evaluation, and surgical consultations for patients with DSD. As part of the care experience, you may expect to see specialists in endocrinology, urology, genetics, psychology, and/or plastic surgery who will collaborate on a care plan.
  • Gender health: we provide a continuum of support for transgender and gender-diverse youth, including mental health support, medical advice, and counseling.

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