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St. Luke’s McCall Auxiliary awards $168,456 in Thrift Shop proceeds

Holly Thrash, auxiliary grant committee chair , Patti Crandall, auxiliary grant committee member; Lewann Ball, Community Children’s Medical Fund; Marge Krahn, auxiliary grant committee member; Mallorie Getto, Community Medical Fund; Linda Klind-Arbach, Heartland Hunger Resource Center; Colby Nielsen, Payette Lakes Ski Club; Lindy Carr, St. Luke’s McCall Dental – Brighter Smiles; Jen Caple, St. Luke’s McCall Cancer Support Fund; Diana Bateman, McCall Community/Senior Center; Shannon Nelson, St. Luke’s McCall Complex Care Committee; Nancy Nancy Sommerwerck, Donnelly Farmers Market; Mariah Nay, Quaker Hill Camp; Jill Morris-Chapman, St. Luke’s McCall “Stop the Bleed” program
By Laura Crawford, News and Community
January 17, 2019

St. Luke’s McCall’s Auxiliary has awarded $83,600 in grants to local organizations.

At their general membership meeting Jan. 14, members of the group also awarded $84,937 to St. Luke’s McCall in support of the hospital facility replacement project. This is the second year of a three-year pledge. To date, the Auxiliary has committed $246,303 to the project.

The community grants and annual contributions to the hospital are funded entirely by proceeds from the St. Luke’s McCall Auxiliary Thrift Shop.

“I have great respect for both the Thrift Shop staff and volunteers who work so hard to get the job done,” Auxiliary Thrift Shop Director Judy Titus said. “They show up and make the Thrift Shop a fun place to be while they work.

“The amount of donations they process through the Thrift Shop is truly amazing.”

Grants were awarded as follows:

  • $21,000: St. Luke’s McCall Complex Care, provides support for prescriptions for those who would not otherwise be able to pay for necessary medication.
  • $21,000: The Community Medical Fund, helps adults in need of dental care, behavioral health and medical care.
  • $15,000: The Community Children’s Medical Fund, helps families with children in need of dental care, behavioral health and medical care.
  • $8,000: St. Luke’s McCall Dental – Brighter Smiles program, supports those in need of dental care who would not otherwise be able to afford care.
  • $7,000: St. Luke’s McCall Cancer Support Fund, assisting families facing financial difficulties while undergoing treatment for cancer.
  • $4,000: Heartland Hunger Resource Center, supports formula and baby food coupon program.
  • $3,000: McCall Community Center, support for Meals on Wheels and community food pantry programs.
  • $2,000: Payette Lakes Community Association, supports the purchase of nutritious snacks for after-school and summer youth programs.
  • $1,000: Stop the Bleed program, supports education to area schools teachers and staff on techniques to control life-threatening bleeding.
  • $750: Quaker Hill Camp and Conference Center, supports purchase of EpiPens and AED equipment for camp safety for staff and guests.
  • $500: Donnelly Farmer’s Market, supports coupons for produce for those in need of health assistance through the Fired Up program.
  • $350: Payette Lakes Ski Club/Little Ski Club, supports funding for the first aid program and patient immobilization supplies.

“It is again a gratifying time for the Auxiliary and all those who work tirelessly at the Thrift Shop to be able to continue supporting programs that work to improve the health and wellness of our community members,” Auxiliary Grant Committee Chair Holly Thrash said.

The Auxiliary has contributed more than $2.6 million in support of the hospital and local community organizations since 2002.

Applying for grants

Local non-profit organizations with a health-related mission are eligible to apply for the grants. Applications are due in September, with funds awarded in January.

For more information, call Holly Thrash, St. Luke’s McCall Auxiliary grant chair, at 347-3404.

About The Author

Laura Crawford works in the Communications and Marketing department at St. Luke's.