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  • Planning and Design Work Underway for the First Three Buildings to Launch St. Luke’s Boise Redevelopment Project
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Planning and Design Work Underway for the First Three Buildings to Launch St. Luke’s Boise Redevelopment Project

Proposed rendering of the new downtown Boise St. Luke’s campus
By Anita Kissee, News and Community
May 18, 2018

With the first phase of road improvement projects wrapping up this summer, St. Luke’s is shifting focus from streets to structures. Construction crews are looking ahead to planning, design and prep work for the three new buildings that will launch a major redevelopment of the Boise Medical Center, with the goal to modernize the hospital and improve access and care.

Starting in the fall of 2018, construction teams will be concentrated in the northwest corner of St. Luke’s downtown Boise property. Once all of the historic homes and buildings in the area are preserved and relocated, and buildings have been approved through the proper City public process, crews will begin work on the new parking garage, shipping and receiving, and replacement central plant. The structures are required to support future redevelopment to come, while providing essential services for the downtown medical center.  

Central Plant

Location: Jefferson, 1st and 2nd streets

This building will be a replacement for the current Central Plant located on West Jefferson Street. It will service the entire downtown Boise St. Luke’s hospital campus. The Central Plant will link in via underground tunnels, which allow essential building utilities and logistics to travel to and from the hospital more efficiently. Once this building is online, the old Central Plant across the street will be taken offline and demolished to make way for the future Medical Office Plaza and North Tower.

Northwest Parking Garage

Location: 1st, 2nd and State streets

The new parking garage will serve as the primary parking location for St. Luke’s Boise. It will be built along State Street. Engineers designed the new parking garage to hold more than 1,130 cars, which will be needed when the Boise medical center is completely built out. St. Luke’s is committed to limiting the height of the parking structure while accommodating city parking requirements, so the structure is six stories above ground, with two floors below.

Shipping and Receiving 

Location: 2nd, Jefferson and Bannock Streets

This facility is the main drop-off and pick-up point for the downtown campus, and like the Central Plant, connects via underground tunnels. St. Luke’s architects redesigned the exterior of the building with neighbors in mind. The truck delivery and loading dock area was flipped from the outside of the building along 2nd Street and is now facing to the inside. This will make for a quieter, and more attractive building, as the facade facing the road will look like a traditional St. Luke’s brick building.

The first three buildings were designed to provide not only the most-efficient layout, but in a way that allows St. Luke’s to be a good neighbor to the surrounding community. Architects and engineers used input from stakeholders to improve and strengthen the designs in ways that have the least impact on neighbors.

“Our designs reflect our commitment to remaining in the heart of Boise,” said David McFadyen, St. Luke’s Boise Administrator. “Our design team has taken extra steps to keep building heights lower, maintain a pleasing aesthetic, reduce truck traffic coming in and out of the area, and to do everything we can to try and reduce noise when and where we can.”

This work is part of St. Luke’s Master Plan for its Boise campus, and will be completed in stages over years to come. At its core is St. Luke’s commitment to create a place where it can provide the best possible care for patients and families, in an environment geared toward safety, healing and comfort. 

The new facilities will help to reconfigure the Medical Center so it’s easier to find your doctor, and more room to care for Idaho’s growing and aging community that’s struggling with complex chronic health problems. The new layout will keep physicians directly on campus ready to help in an emergency, rather than a few blocks away, in a space that’s upgraded to provide for better patient flow, saving precious minutes in emergencies.

The plan is also the result of years of extensive study, planning and collaboration with key stakeholders, including the City of Boise, the Ada County Highway District and area residents. The thorough process included dozens of workshops, open houses and neighborhood association meetings, which helped to shape and evolve the plan through thoughtful input.

“This is the approved master plan at work,” said Theresa McLeod, St. Luke’s Community Engagement Director. “The comprehensive public process and community input that led to subsequent changes made the plan even better. St. Luke’s is excited to see this plan come to life.”

Boise Projects:

  • New Children’s Pavilion (under construction, complete in 2019)
  • New central plant (Construction begins in fall 2018)
  • New parking structure (Construction begins in fall 2018)
  • New shipping and receiving (Construction begins in fall 2018)
  • New hospital tower
  • New medical office building
  • Expand and modernize St. Luke’s MSTI cancer center
  • Expand and modernize St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital
  • Expand and upgrade the current hospital tower

Together, the master plan will be one of the largest investments ever made in Boise and Idaho. It will bring new jobs to the region while building on Boise’s growing reputation as one of the most livable cities in the country with the high-quality health care that is a critical component of quality of life. The project will be financed through bonds, cash on hand and community philanthropy. This major development project is estimated to bring as much as $1.2 billion of rollover economic benefit and job growth to the community.

St. Luke's Master Plan project map

About The Author

Anita Kisseé was the Treasure Valley public relations manager for St. Luke’s Health System.

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