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Report of Community Benefits 2023 - West Treasure Valley

Our commitment to Canyon County continues to grow with St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center, clinics throughout the county and St. Luke’s Fruitland Medical Plaza in the Fruitland-Ontario area. We’re a dedicated partner with area nonprofits working together to improve the health of people in this rapidly growing and diverse region, from the more populated cities to smaller, more remote rural communities.

Total Community Benefit - West Treasure Valley

$66.7 Million

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*Providers with practice privileges at our locations. 

Providing a High Quality of Care

All numbers provided as of fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2022.

St. Luke’s provides health care to eligible patients without charge or at a reduced rate, based upon a sliding scale derived from federal poverty guidelines.

Improving Access to Patient-Centered Care

Total Capital Improvements

$13.4 Million

One hundred percent of St. Luke’s revenue after expenses is reinvested into land, facilities, equipment and other capital supporting the hospital’s mission for Canyon County.

South Nampa Community Clinic

$11.4 Million

The first of its kind, this clinic offers primary care services including pediatrics, family and internal medicine, as well as urgent care and same-day visits, an in-house pharmacy, lab and x-rays.

Facilities Development

$1.3 Million

We are dedicated to updating equipment and expanding our clinics and facilities in West Treasure Valley to give patients the best quality of care.



We continually upgrade key information technology infrastructure to boost efficiencies, lower costs and most importantly, improve safety and quality for patients.

Giving Thanks

Our work assessing and addressing community needs would not be possible without a visionary board of directors and dedicated community boards. We are grateful for their partnership and guidance.

St. Luke’s Health System Board of Directors as of Sept. 30, 2023:

Andrew Scoggin, Chairperson
Emily Baker
Brigette Bilyeu
Tom Corrick
Rosa Dávila, PhD
Lucie DiMaggio, MD
Mark Durcan
Bill Gilbert
Lisa Grow
Allan Korn, MD
Dan Krahn
Bob Lokken
Rich Raimondi
Chris Roth, President/CEO
Jill Twedt
Bill Whitacre

St. Luke’s West Treasure Valley Community Board Members as of Sept. 30, 2023:

Nikole Zogg, PhD, Chairperson
Chris Veloz
Ron Bitner
Evelyn Dame
Bill Deal
Jose DeLeon
Janet Komoto
Paul Lodge
Misty Robertson
Andrew Rodriguez
Timothy Sawyer, MD
Kim Stutzman, MD
Rick Youngblood

The information provided in this report is required by Idaho Code 63-602D, which states that 501(c)(3) hospitals having 150 or more beds must file a community benefit report with the Board of Equalization by Dec. 31 of each year. According to the code, the report is to include a description of the process the hospital has used to determine general community needs that align with the hospital’s mission. In addition, the report shall include the hospital’s amount of:

  • Unreimbursed services for the prior year (charity care, bad debt, and under-reimbursed care covered through government programs). 
  • Donated time, funds, subsidies and in-kind services.
  • Additions to capital such as physical plant and equipment.

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Download a copy of the St. Luke's Health System Community Benefit Report in a printer-friendly pdf format.

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The St. Luke's Health System Community Benefit Report includes details by community.

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