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Board Leadership

Our board members are local citizens with a vested interest in the health of their communities. These committed leaders volunteer on our boards because they are dedicated to ensuring that the people of southern Idaho and the surrounding region have access to the most advanced, most comprehensive health care possible.

St. Luke’s believes that locally governed hospitals can take the best measure of community health care needs. We are grateful to our board leadership for giving generously of their time and talents and bringing to the table their unique perspectives and intimate knowledge of their communities.

St. Luke’s would not be the organization it is today without our volunteer board members. The vision of dedicated community leaders has guided St. Luke’s for many decades, and will continue to guide us well into the future.

Governing Boards

Board Members (click to see details)

St. Luke's Health System Board of Directors
  • Bill Whitacre, Chairman
  • Brigette Bilyeu
  • Tom Corrick
  • Lucie DiMaggio, MD
  • Mark Durcan
  • Lisa Grow
  • Alan Horner
  • Allan Korn, MD
  • Dan Krahn
  • Bob Lokken
  • Jon Miller
  • Arthur F. (Skip) Oppenheimer
  • David C. Pate, MD, JD, President/CEO
  • Rich Raimondi
  • Andrew Scoggin
  • Karen Vauk
St. Luke's East Region Board of Directors
  • Cynthia Murphy, Chairman
  • Peter Becker
  • R. Todd Blass
  • Charles Coiner
  • Rosa Davila
  • Brian Fortuin, MD
  • W. Tracey Jones, MD, Chief of Staff
  • George Kirk
  • Terry Kramer
  • Pamela Lindemoen, Regional CEO
  • David A. McClusky III, MD
  • Jane Miller
  • Terry Ring
  • Scott Standley
  • Robert Wasserstrom, MD
St. Luke's West Region Board of Directors
  • A.J. Balukoff, Chairman of the Board
  • Jill Calhoun, McCall Community Board Chair
  • Bayo Crownson, MD
  • Darin DeAngeli, Treasure Valley Community Board Chair
  • Kami Faylor, Chair-Elect
  • Dean Hovdey
  • Chris Keller, MD
  • Lloyd Knight, Elmore Community Board Chair
  • Pamela Lindemoen, Regional CEO
  • Paul Lodge, West Treasure Valley Community Board Chair
  • Mike Mooney
  • Catherine Reynolds, MD
  • Ron Sali
  • Clifford Tenley, MD, Chief of Staff
  • Bishop Brian Thom

Community Boards

Board Members (click to see details)

Medical Executive Committees

Committee Members (click to see details)

St. Luke's Treasure Valley Medical Executive Committee

Philanthropic Boards

Board Members (click to see details)

Advisory and Auxiliary Boards

Board Members (click to see details)