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Board Leadership

St. Luke’s board and committee members are an integral part of St. Luke’s success. Members have a vested interest in the health of their communities. These committed leaders volunteer because they are dedicated to ensuring that the people of Idaho and eastern Oregon have access to the most advanced, comprehensive health care possible.

We are grateful to our board leadership for giving generously of their time and talents, and bringing to the table their unique perspectives and intimate knowledge of their communities. These community leaders provide us with a critical view of our organization. They challenge us to do better and think differently. St. Luke’s would not be the organization it is today without our volunteer board and committee members.

Governing Boards

Board Members (click to see details)

St. Luke's Health System Board of Directors
  • Andrew Scoggin, Chairperson
  • Emily Baker
  • Tom Corrick
  • Rosa Dávila, PhD
  • Lucie DiMaggio, MD
  • Bill Gilbert
  • Lisa Grow
  • Dan Krahn
  • Bob Lokken
  • Rich Raimondi
  • Chris Roth, President/CEO
  • Jill Twedt
  • Bill Whitacre
  • Bill Ystueta, Jr.

Community Boards

Board Members (click to see details)

St. Luke's Elmore Community Board
  • James Gilbert, Chairperson
  • Connie Cruser, RN
  • Karen Galvan, MD
  • Richard Gorman
  • Lloyd Knight
  • Mildred McNeal
  • Lisa Melchiorre, MS, RN, NEA-BC
  • Allen "Nix" Niksich
  • Dayana Rodriguez
  • Paul Shrum
St. Luke's Magic Valley/Jerome Community Board
  • Scott Standley, Chairperson
  • Arlen Blaylock
  • Melody Bowyer
  • Eva Craner
  • Dean Fisher
  • Don Hall
  • Roseanna Holliday
  • Jill Howell
  • Janet Olmstead
  • Julia Oxarango-Ingram
  • Edna Pierson
  • Travis Rothweiler
  • John Shine
  • Dave Snelson
  • John Wright
St. Luke's McCall Community Board
  • Robert Vosskuhler, MD, Chairperson
  • Kristin Christensen
  • Eddie J. Droge, MD
  • Amber Green
  • Caitlin Gustafson, MD
  • Doug Irvine, MD
  • Dean Martens
  • Dawn Matus
  • Lyle Nelson, Chair Elect
  • Travis Smith
  • Gary Thompson
  • Aana Vannoy
  • Kurt Wolf
St. Luke's West Treasure Valley Community Board
  • Nikole Zogg, PhD, Chairperson
  • Chris Veloz, Chair-Elect
  • Ron Bitner
  • Evelyn Dame
  • Bill Deal
  • Jose DeLeon
  • Janet Komoto
  • Paul Lodge
  • Misty Robertson
  • Andrew Rodriguez
  • Kim Stutzman, MD
  • Rick Youngblood
St. Luke's Wood River Community Board
  • Eric Thomas, Chairperson
  • Bill Boeger
  • Erin Clark
  • Jim Foudy
  • Ben Holmes
  • George Kirk
  • Jeanne Liston
  • Susan Parslow
  • Garry Pearson
  • Roger Sanger, DDS
  • Jeff Smith
  • Mary Williams

Philanthropic Boards

Board Members (click to see details)

St. Luke's Elmore Foundation Board of Directors
  • Paula Riggs, Chairperson
  • Lloyd Knight, Vice-chair
  • Jeanna Still, Treasurer
  • Mildred McNeal, Secretary
  • Lori Bott
  • Debra Brito
  • Connie Cruser
  • Annette Whitenack-DeSantis
  • Becky Garvey
  • Michelle Pehrson
  • Brenda Raub
  • Dale Smith
  • Cindy Terribery
St. Luke's Magic Valley/Jerome Health Foundation Board of Directors
  • Nichol Harris, Chair
  • Camille Barigar
  • Robert "Bob" Davis
  • Rick Horner, Major Gifts Chair
  • David Hruza
  • Scott Knight, MD
  • Sallee Middlekauff, Exec Com At-Large
  • Gerardo "Tato" Munoz
  • Edna Pierson, Finance Chair
  • Dave Snelson, Exec Com At-Large
  • Ken Stuart
  • Justin Vipperman, Development Chair
  • John Wright, Exec Com At-Large