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Student Services FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Click each question below for its answer:

What is myClinicalExchange?

myClinicalExchange is the online student education management software tool St. Luke's uses to coordinate and onboard students and observers for educational experiences. Please reach out to your school coordinator for more information on the process of requesting an experience.

I am an employee, do I have to pay for myClinicalExchange?
Yes. If you are on site for an educational experience (as a student, observer, or instructor), you will need to follow the same process as non-employed students.
I am an employee and have already completed the onboarding modules, background check, and provided immunization records as a part of employment. Do I need to complete them again?
Yes. If you are on site for an educational experience (as a student, observer, or instructor), you will need to complete all the modules and fulfill all necessary requirements in order to participate in that experience regardless of whether or not you are an employee of St. Luke’s. Your onboarding modules and uploaded records are based on compliance for your role as a student/observer/instructor and are separate from those you completed as an employee.
What is an affiliation agreement?

An affiliation agreement is a legal agreement between St. Luke’s and a school/organization and is required for any student experience to take place. Not sure if we have an agreement with your school? Please email

Are employees guaranteed student/observer experiences at St. Luke’s?

No. Although we would like to be able to offer placement for every request we receive, our resources and preceptors/mentors are limited. We are unable to accommodate every student request – even for St. Luke's employees.

I’ve used Epic/IT in the past, why can’t I login now?

In order to keep your Epic/IT access active, you must change your password at least every 180 days. The easiest way to manage this is to enroll in password self-service. Additionally, IT access is closely tied to your rotation dates and locations. If you experience issues with your access, please contact our IHT Service Desk at 208-381-HELP (4357) for assistance.

Can I keep my St. Luke’s ID badge?

No, please return your badge to student services via St. Luke's interoffice mail (ask your preceptor, clinical instructor, or site contact for help.)

I’m interested in working at St. Luke’s when I graduate. What should I do next?
Please visit our careers page and search for available opportunities. You can also reach out to our human resources department and they can connect you to the St. Luke’s talent acquisition team!
I had a wonderful experience at St. Luke’s! Is there any way to thank my preceptor?

Absolutely! We value all feedback. You will have an opportunity to complete an evaluation at the end of your rotation and can provide feedback within the evaluation. You're also welcome to email student services directly with your feedback.