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Our Promise to You: Patient-Centered Care

Patients and families are at the center of all we do at St. Luke’s. Every plan, every process, and every policy is designed to meet your needs — physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Patient-centered care means we listen to you to truly understand just what those needs are. We know — and studies show — that the best results come from caring for the whole patient and listening to their valuable insights on their own health.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

“The great purpose for which this hospital was begun — the helping of suffering humanity back to health and life.”
– Rt. Rev. James B. Funsten, Bishop, Episcopal Diocese of Idaho, 1906

For more than a century, St. Luke’s has carried on the work first envisioned by Bishop Funsten. Our original purpose has remained, and our heritage and values direct our course as we continue to meet the region’s rapidly growing needs. In keeping with our not-for-profit mission, St. Luke’s maintains an open-door policy, which means we care for all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our Mission

To improve the health of people in the communities we serve.

Our Vision

To be the community's trusted partner in providing exceptional, patient-centered care.

Our Values: ICARE

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Quality and Safety

Your safety and best health are our first priority. Whether you’re in a St. Luke’s hospital or clinic, you can count on caregivers who have your best interests at heart. You can also count on technology, equipment, and an environment designed to perform with the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

St. Luke’s is committed to providing quality care based on the Institute of Medicine’s definition: safe, timely, efficient, effective, equitable, accessible, and patient-centered. By following the best, most current medical evidence, measuring and analyzing our data, and constantly improving our practices based on those data, we work toward the best possible outcome for each patient who comes through our doors.

View St. Luke’s quality and safety outcomes, and learn how we compare with other hospitals in our region and across the nation.

Culture of Safety

In addition to analyzing our patient outcomes data, we survey our hospital staff and physicians to measure different aspects of our patient safety culture. Their responses help us proactively prevent patient harm.

A safety culture is shaped by hospital policies and practices, as well as the values and personalities of people in the organization. It's a collection of attitudes, behaviors, and trust that, with assessment and improvement, can ensure everyone at our hospitals delivers safety for our patients. 

Learn how you can speak up for safety and ensure a health care experience that's as safe and positive as possible.

The Magnet Difference: Nursing Excellence

A strong, professional nursing staff is at the heart of St. Luke’s — providing a patient-focused environment that extends from the hospital and clinic to the patient’s home, community, and workplace. Our nurse-to-patient ratios are among the best in the country, allowing nursing staff to establish effective and meaningful patient relationships. Even in our high-tech world, a personal touch is still vital in helping patients heal.

Hospitals that achieve Magnet status not only have proven themselves as quality patient care providers, but also are able to attract and retain skilled and experienced nurses and allied clinical professionals. All staff — both clinical and non-clinical — benefit from Magnet designation, because collectively each employee is recognized as being part of a safe, caring, and quality organization.

Learn more about our Magnet Designation