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Care coordination is part of the patient and family support services provided by St. Luke's Children's. It's a family-driven, patient-focused, and physician-led program that promotes community-based, coordinated care for children with special health care needs and their families.

Our team is made up of inpatient and outpatient care coordinators who work with primary care providers and specialists. We link families to community resources and act as patient advocates within the school system. We pay attention to inpatient-outpatient transitions and adult transitions, as well as coordinating multiple surgical procedures.

Your Care Coordinator Will:

  • Serve as an expert on community resources
  • Facilitate referrals, wrap around meetings, and care conferences
  • Serve as a contact point between your family, care team, and community providers
  • Guide you through the health care system
  • Track interventions and outcomes through care plans
  • Support primary care providers and specialists
  • Support and advocate in the school, home, and community environments
  • Assist with any medical or therapeutic concerns or challenges your family might face

To access care coordination, your primary care provider or specialist will need to initiate a referral to the program. 

Call (208) 706-6487 to begin the referral process.