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Pediatric Music Therapy

On any given day, music can help support your body, mind, and spirit. Music therapy can be especially powerful during a hospitalization, offering a way to help you manage emotions, cope with stress, and express yourself.

Medical settings can be especially scary for kids. Doctors, parents, and caregivers do all they can to ease a child’s fears. Research shows music therapy can help too. Board-certified music therapists work with your child individually to focus on creating a better experience in the hospital for him or her. It may lower anxiety and help take your child’s mind off treatment and pain. It may also help your child express fear and anger, and give him or her confidence to cope with their experience. 

Sessions look different from room to room, and even day to day. Your child might write their own song telling the story of their experience, or play an instrument with a hand they have been afraid to use because of pain, or even play an instrument during a needle poke. Music therapy is always tailored specifically to your child according to interests and needs.

To learn more about our music therapy programs, please call patient and family support services at (208) 381-3049.

Support the Kids and Families at St. Luke’s Children’s

Support the Kids and Families at St. Luke’s Children’s

You Can Make a Difference

You can make a real difference to kids and families facing medical challenges. We hope you’ll help us provide the exceptional healthcare these kids deserve. We encourage you to get involved by making a financial gift, sponsoring or attending events, or volunteering your time.