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Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair

What is MitraClip?

If you suffer from severe mitral valve regurgitation, MitraClip® is an alternative to surgical repair of the valve. The MitraClip device is a small clip we attach to the mitral valve, allowing it to close more completely, helping to restore normal blood flow through the heart.

MitraClip Procedure Details

We perform the procedure in the cardiac catheterization lab using a general anesthetic. We insert the catheter in the leg and guide it through the veins to the heart. The heart remains pumping throughout the procedure and the MitraClip begins functioning as soon as it's installed.

Recovery from MitraClip

After the procedure, you'll recover in an intensive care unit with the goal of moving to a step-down unit the same day. We encourage patients to be up and walking the day of the procedure. Hospital stays are typically 1-2 days, depending on your doctor's recommendations.

Additional Considerations for MitraClip

After discharge, we encourage you to attend cardiac rehabilitation for 12 weeks. Most patients follow a low-fat, low-sodium diet following the procedure. We like to schedule a follow-up appointment a month after the procedure to assess your progress.