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Hearing Aids

Is Hearing Loss Affecting Your Quality of Life?

If you have hearing loss, you may find that it takes extra effort and energy to talk with others. Hearing may be especially difficult in settings where there are many people talking or there is a lot of background noise.

Hearing loss affects one out of every four people over 65, and is the most common birth defect. Our audiologists are trained in patient-oriented, evidence-based models of addressing hearing loss, and provide comprehensive evaluations to determine the nature and cause of hearing disorders. 

Hearing Aid Services at St. Luke's

Our team works with state-of-the-art hearing aid technology to improve your hearing and your life. Our doctors of audiology will work closely with you to find the best hearing aids for your hearing loss, your listening needs, and your lifestyle. Our hearing aids can even connect to your smart phone to allow you to control them from your phone, listen to music, and significantly improve your ability to hear while on the phone. We also offer extensive follow-up services to ensure you're receiving the most benefit from your hearing aids, along with improved quality of life.

We work hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible and take pride in being one of the most affordable options in the region. We also offer zero-interest financing to help you get the best technology appropriate for your needs. If you have trouble affording hearing aids, we can help! As a not-for-profit, we offer multiple charitable-care options.

Hearing Aid Supplies

  • Cleaners

    Cleaning spray and wipes are designed to help keep your hearing aids and earmolds clean from debris and wax.

  • Drying and Storing

    Keeping your aids free from moisture can be a battle, even here in the high desert. Use a good dehumidifier to reduce frequency of repairs. Several dry-aid options are available for purchase. Ask your audiologist.

  • Lubricants

    Lubricants can help you get your hearing aids or earmolds into your ears. They can also be used to soothe itchy ears. Do NOT lick your hearing aid or earmolds.

Battery Supplies

  • Batteries

    Get batteries at any of our clinics. Our premium batteries are always fresh and mercury-free. We carry batteries for all hearing aids, including sizes 10, 312, 13 and 675. To save money on batteries, ask about becoming a member of the Elks Battery Club.

  • Battery Testers

    Never be left wondering if your battery is dead. Save time and effort with a simple battery tester. Your tester can become one of the most helpful tools for hearing aid troubleshooting.

  • Elks Battery Club

    Save money while getting your batteries with ease and convenience. Join the Elks Battery Club today. Members receive a 20% discount on batteries. A portion of every battery purchased through the Elks Battery Club will be applied toward your next hearing aid purchase.

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