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Turning 50

Turning 50? You’re in the prime of life. For many people, this decade is a time to savor everything you’ve accomplished: Your kids may be older, your job more stable, your relationships more mature. It’s not, however, a time to be complacent about your health. People in their 50s face health challenges that require attention — but the good news is that nipping those problems in the bud can set the stage for better health in the coming decades. Find out how you can make the most of your 50s.


  1. Stay Active and Maintain a Healthy Weight

    If getting in shape hasn’t been a priority for you, now is the time to get serious. In your 50s, your metabolism slows and it will be harder to lose weight — so it’s best to start right away. Regular exercise can also boost your mood, decrease your blood pressure, and keep heart disease at bay.

  2. Talk to Your Doctor About ED

    Erectile dysfunction isn’t a joke, and popping a pill isn’t always the answer. That’s because ED can be an early warning sign of heart disease, a byproduct of depression, a side effect of medication, or evidence of an injury. Tell your doctor if you have it.

  3. Schedule Your Screenings

    If you haven’t had your baseline screenings, now is the time to do so. Women need mammograms and tests to establish osteoporosis risk. Men need PSA tests and rectal screenings to rule out prostate cancer. And both men and women should get colonoscopies.

  4. Get Better Sleep

    Is your snoring keeping you awake? Do you wake up tired or with a headache? The culprit may be sleep apnea. This serious condition occurs when your breathing is partially or totally blocked, resulting in less oxygen to your lungs, brain, and heart. Prolonged sleep apnea puts you at risk for heart disease, depression, and diabetes — but luckily, it’s relatively simple to treat. Talk to your doctor if you don’t feel good in the morning.

  5. Quit Lighting Up

    Smoking affects your entire body – and not for the better. Quit now and you’ll stop the progression of the damage tobacco has already done. St. Luke’s can help. Sign up for one of our tobacco treatment courses.