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Stay Cool — Winter Safety

We love to get outside with our families and enjoy Idaho's beautiful winters. But across the U.S., kids rack up more than 42,000 injuries every year from winter sports. 

Follow these tips to keep the whole family injury-free and having fun while you play in the snow:

  • Always wear a helmet when you ski, snowboard, sled, snowmobile, or play ice hockey.
  • Make sure it's the right type of helmet for the activity and meets federal safety standards. Have an expert fit the helmet correctly.
  • Wear sport-specific, properly fitting safety gear.
  • Dress in layers and wear warm, close-fitting clothes. Tuck in long scarves so they don't get tangled in ski lifts.
  • Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen with a rating of SPF 15 or higher.
  • Never sled down a hill headfirst.
  • If children become distracted, irritable, or begin to hyperventilate, they may be suffering from hypothermia or altitude sickness, or they are too tired to participate safely. If you notice these signs, head indoors, rest, and warm up. It’s time for a hot chocolate!
  • Children under age 6 years should not ride a snowmobile, and no one under 16 years should drive one.
  • Teach kids how to protect themselves if they fall through ice: Stretch arms out wide and kick as if swimming, shout for help, and try to crawl backwards.

If you have questions or find yourself in need of resources, contact St. Luke's Children's Injury Prevention at (208) 381-1719