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UroNav Prostate Biopsy


UroNav MR/Fusion

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. Previously, the best way to diagnose a tumor was through an ultrasound-guided biopsy. The ultrasound image allows for the gland to be seen, but isn't sensitive enough to detect the cancer. Standard biopsies had to be done to determine if cancer were present. 

St. Luke's Clinic – Urology in Boise is the only urology group in Idaho now offering the UroNav® Fusion Biopsy System. UroNav combines pre-biopsy MR (magnetic resonance) images of the prostate with ultrasound-guided biopsy images in real time. This allows the surgeon to more easily distinguish between healthy prostate tissue and any suspicious lesions. Technology similar to GPS navigation guides the biopsy needle to the heart of the lesion, allowing for quick, accurate diagnoses, and improved decision-making and treatment outcomes.

You may be a candidate for an MR/ultrasound biopsy if you:

  • have an elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level
  • have had a negative prostate biopsy, but have an elevated or rising PSA
  • are under active surveillance for prostate cancer

The following St. Luke's surgeons offer the UroNav prostate biopsy procedure:

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