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Robot-Guided Spine Surgery

Patients undergoing orthopedic spine surgery are hoping to increase functionality and return to a normal life. Robot-assisted procedures are more precise than traditional surgical techniques, reducing trauma to the body. As a result, healing and recovery are usually faster.

At St. Luke's Wood River, we offer the Mazor Robotics® Renaissance Guidance System®, which delivers an improved patient experience in three distinct ways:

  • Planning. Prior to the operation the surgeon performs a computerized tomography scan (CT scan) of the patient. Software then creates a 3-D rendering of the spine allowing the surgeon to plan the procedure in advance with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Operation. Once in the operating room, the surgeon performs the procedure with the help of the robotic system. The robot is able to make smaller incisions than would be possible freehand.
  • Real-time evaluation. The Mazor system is accurate to within 1.5 millimeters, meaning that fewer X-rays during the procedure are needed, reducing radiation exposure to both the patient and medical staff.

The Mazor Robotics System can help in surgeries for conditions like scoliosis, and in procedures such as vertebroplasty (treatment of osteoporotic compression fractures), spine fusions, and biopsies.

Find a spine surgeon certified to operate with the Mazor Robotics System