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Preparing for Your Hearing and Balance Appointment

Start by Preparing at Home

If you’ll be seeing your doctor because of a new condition, you should first prepare at home.

  • If your provider sent you paperwork to fill out, please fill out the forms before your visit.
  • Keep a log or diary of any symptoms. If you don't write them down, you may remember only those symptoms you actually have during the appointment.
  • Write down the questions you’d like to ask the audiologist. You can even make a copy to share with your audiologist.

Bring Someone With You

Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, we are limiting visitors at this time. We ask that you do not bring someone with you to your appointment unless absolutely necessary.

We often ask you to bring a significant other to your appointment, someone you trust and who spends time with you. Hearing loss affects everyone around you, and often your friends and family will notice problems before you do.

  • People you spend time with can provide a different perspective on your hearing and may notice things you don't.
  • We'll cover a lot of information at your appointment and it can be hard to absorb it all. A friend or family member to listen and take notes can be a huge help.
  • Your audiologist may suggest hearing aids to help improve your quality of life. Having someone you trust at the appointment can help remind you how important your hearing health is when choosing new hearing technology.