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Preparing for Your Appointment with St. Luke's Infusion Services

Infusion treatments can take several hours. Ask your doctor how long you can expect your treatment to last.

You should prepare for your visit beforehand. Here are some things you'll need, as well as some suggestions to help pass the time during your treatment.

  • If you can, make sure you've had plenty of water
  • Wear comfortable clothing to allow for access to your arms if you'll have an IV placed
  • For your treatment, bring:
    • A photo ID or driver's license
    • Insurance cards
    • Medication list
  • For your comfort and to keep your mind occupied, bring:
    • A phone, tablet, and headphones
    • Snacks (food is available at some locations)
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Crochet or knitting
    • Books, newspapers, or magazines
    • A favorite blanket and pillow