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Pediatric Sleep Studies

Sleep testing gathers data on your child's brain waves, oxygen levels, breathing effort, airflow, heart activity, and muscle movements to help assess his or her sleep and its impact on their health and quality of life.

Instructions for Parents

  • Fill out the questionnaire, and bring it with you the night of your child's appointment. 
  • If your child has specific behavioral concerns or special needs, please inform us before your appointment so we can make accommodations.
  • If you feel your child needs additional assurance about the test, a walk-through and introduction to the sleep lab can be arranged.
  • Bring pajamas or other comfortable clothing for your child to sleep in. You may also bring his or her own pillow, blanket, and a stuffed toy for comfort. 
  • Applying the sensors can take up to two hours. Keeping your child occupied with favorite activities can help him or her be more comfortable. Books, toys, and games are encouraged.
  • His or her hair should be clean, dry, and free of products. Fingernails should be free of polish.
  • Feed your child normally, and bring food or bottles to the study if you'll need them. Also bring any medications and care items your child will need during the night.
Your sleep technologist can't discuss the sleep study results. Your test will be interpreted by a sleep physician and delivered to your referring provider in two to three weeks.