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Every Time You Ride – Helmet Safety

Every hour, almost 50 children visit emergency departments with an injury related to bikes, scooters, skates or skateboards. Teach your children the importance of helmets and follow some simple safety guidelines, create safe habits that last a lifetime.

To stay safe while riding, parents and children should:

  • Wear a properly fitted helmet, which is the best way to prevent head injuries and death, for every ride. A helmet should sit level on the top of the head with the rim one to two fingers widths above the eyebrows, and should not rock forward and backward or side to side. The Straps should form a “V” under the ears and must always be buckled snug.
  • Wear bright colors and use lights, especially when riding at dusk, night and in the morning. Reflectors on your clothes and bike will help you be seen.
  • Use hand signals and follow the rules of the road. Be predictable by making sure you ride in a straight line and don’t swerve between cars.
  • Children should ride on the sidewalk, bike pathways or bicycle lanes when available. If not, ride in the same direction as traffic as far on the right-hand side as is practical.
  • Check all equipment at the start or end of every season.
  • Ride together until kids are comfortable enough to ride on their own.

St. Luke’s Children’s Injury Prevention offers free helmets upon request. Please contact (208) 381-1719 for questions and more information.