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Stroke Care Team

Experience and Expertise are Critical When Every Second Counts

Stroke care at St. Luke's is a team effort, managed by the region's leading experts in critical stroke care. From risk assessment and prevention to emergency/acute care, surgery, and recovery, our specially trained physicians, nurses, and therapists are committed to your best possible outcome.

St. Luke's offers the state's largest stroke program with nine emergency departments and an integrated care system to support you and your family every step of the way.

Stroke Team Providers

Vascular Neurologists and Neurohospitalists

St. Luke’s has Idaho’s largest group of board-certified vascular neurologists, neurologists with additional fellowship training in the diagnosis and management of the most complicated strokes.

Neurohospitalists oversee the care of stroke and neurology patients while in the hospital, with a goal of transitioning patients to stroke rehabilitation care, in either an inpatient or outpatient setting. They also manage the spectrum of other inpatient neurology problems.


Neurointerventional physicians use catheter and image guidance to perform minimally invasive stroke treatments, often eliminating the need for open surgery. Our team utilizes advanced imaging capabilities that make neurointerventional procedures safer than they have ever been, including functional and perfusion imaging, rotational angiography, and imaging analytic software.

Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery

Cerebrovascular neurosurgeons typically complete subspecialty fellowship training on patients with complex stroke challenges. This depth of expertise prepares them to offer the safest and most effective treatments in managing stroke, whether that is open surgery or an endovascular technique. 


Teleneurology leverages technology to allow the virtual evaluation of stroke patients. This neurology support spans across our emergency department system and allows for faster intervention during time-sensitive stroke situations when in-person specialty support is not available.

St. Luke's partners with BlueSky Teleneurology to ensure neurology services are readily available whenever needed.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Our goal is to help you regain what you’ve lost after a stroke. At St. Luke’s Rehabilitation, you’ll receive care from a variety of clinicians who have expertise in movement, speech, and cognition recovery. You and your loved ones will be supported and engaged in your treatment plan. We’ll work with you and everyone involved in your care to ensure you feel comfortable and confident when it's time to return home.

Sun Valley Cerebrovascular Conference

Sun Valley Cerebrovascular Conference

Bringing together medical providers involved in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders and stroke

This annual conference is intended for physicians, emergency medical services personnel, nurses, stroke coordinators, and allied health professionals associated with stroke care.

We hope you will join us to network with colleagues and hear from nationally recognized experts and thought leaders in stroke care and research.

Support the Patients and Families at St. Luke's Neurosciences

Support the Patients and Families at St. Lukes Neurosciences

You Can Make a Difference

You can make a real difference in the lives of patients and families facing medical challenges. We hope you’ll help us provide the exceptional healthcare and support they deserve. We encourage you to get involved by making a financial gift, sponsoring or attending events, or volunteering your time.