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Learning Disorders

Specific learning disorder is a term that indicates an individual has difficulty learning a specific academic skill and isn't learning at the expected level for his or her age. The learning difficulty is separate from cognitive or intellectual disability, sensory impairment, neurological or mental health disorders, lack of language skills, or a lack of adequate education.

An individual may have a learning disorder in areas such as:

  • Reading (word accuracy, reading rate or fluency, and/or reading comprehension)
  • Writing (spelling accuracy, grammar and punctuation accuracy, and/or clarity or organization of written expression)
  • Math (number sense, memorization of arithmetic facts, accurate or fluent calculation, accurate math reasoning)

Specific learning disorders are usually treated and addressed as part of a specialized instruction or academic curriculum through school. Sometimes students will attend private learning centers and other agencies to learn strategies to help manage their learning difficulties. Our specialists can help evaluate your child and recommend appropriate resources.