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Concussion Resources

A concussion is a brain injury and should be treated seriously. The more you know about preventing concussion, and treating it early if it does occur, the better it is for you or your athlete.

Idaho Concussion Management 

Idaho Concussion Law

Resources for Parents

Resources for Athletes

Resources for Coaches

Resources for School Professionals

Resources for Physicians

Contact Us

For more information on concussion education or help in creating a concussion management protocol, please call (208) 381-2665 or email us at [email protected].

St. Luke's Concussion Training Course

St. Lukes Concussion Training Course

Learn the Basics and Test Your Knowledge

Whether you're a parent, athlete, coach, referee, teacher, or healthcare professional, concussion education and understanding of Idaho's concussion legislation is important. Test how much you may already know about concussion, then watch our training video to learn more.

After the video, you'll take another test to make sure you can recognize signs and symptoms of concussion, and are able to take appropriate action when a concussion is suspected. Once you've successfully completed the post-test, you'll be awarded a certificate of completion.