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Transfer Center at St. Luke’s

St. Luke's Transfer Center

  • (208) 381-2525
  • If calling within St. Luke's: 1-2525, 4-2525, or 6-2525
  • 1-877-785-8537 (1-877-STLUKES)

St. Luke's Transfer Center streamlines access to our physicians and services with a single phone number. Your call can be directly linked to the physician or service you need, and, when necessary, transport can be arranged.

Immediately available for consultation, referral, or transfer requests:

  • Neonatology/NICU
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Pediatric Intensivist/PICU
  • Internal Medicine/Hospitalists
  • Cardiology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Acute Care Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Patient and Family Resources


  • Single access point 24/7 for all patient transfers by calling one phone number
  • Staffed by RNs 24/7
  • Dedicated medical director available 24/7
  • Quick connection to on-call physician specialists for transfer or consultation
  • Dedicated surgicalist and adult orthopedic specialists available 24/7
  • Ability to conference in multiple patient care and transport leads into one call (i.e., sending, admitting, and consulting physicians, nursing, tech, and transport)
  • Patients transfer into/out of any St. Luke's hospital, and direct admits from outpatient clinics
  • Coordination of emergency transport by ground, airplane or helicopter
  • St. Luke's Clinic providers: Get real-time access to hospital unclaimed on-call schedules for St. Luke's Boise, Meridian, and Magic Valley available through the intranet and Dashboard

To assist us in expediting your request, please have the following patient information available:

  • The patient's MRN, name and correct spelling, and date of birth

Please also provide:

  • Your name and call-back number
  • Patient Information:
    • Location (facility name, unit/room number)
    • Diagnosis
    • Type of care needed
  • Referring provider name and call-back number
  • Preferred receiving facility
  • If ASLCC transport assistance is needed; please provide accurate weight in kilograms
  • Patient Transfer Checklist 

The Transfer Center will:

  • Facilitate your calls, make arrangements for your patient and assist with transfer planning
  • Conference in multiple patient care and transport leads into one call (i.e., sending, admitting and consulting physicians; nursing, tech and transport)
  • Make arrangements for appropriate bed assignments
  • Communicate special care and/or emergent needs
  • Provide guidance regarding transfer preparation
  • Coordinate appropriate transportation – ground, airplane or helicopter
  • Update referring and receiving staff
  • Provide contact number for nursing report
  • Promote admitting physician follow-up with the referring provider

Please send to the receiving facility, with your patient:

  • Copy of pertinent documents such as physician and nursing records, medication record, diagnostic images, slides, etc.
  • Call nursing report to receiving unit

Online Physician Directory

In a non-emergent situation, if you would prefer to contact the physician directly to refer your patient, please use St. Luke’s Provider Finder to find a physician by name, location, or specialty.