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Employee Mental Health and Well-Being Support

There are many factors that contribute to mental health and well-being, and St. Luke’s wants you to have access to the information you need to assess how you, a colleague or loved one are doing.

After you “check your emotional temperature,” be sure to explore and/or connect with a resource, support or professional mental health service that you feel would be of most help.

 After all we have experienced and endured together, many of us are in need of connection and self-care. Our emotional health is worth investing time in, and many of the resources are free to access for St. Luke’s employees and providers.

Understanding Your Emotional Temperature

  • Distressed

    Significant difficulty with emotions, high-level anxiety, panic attacks.  Constant fatigue. Depressed mood, feeling overwhelmed. Out of touch with reality. Significant disturbances in thinking. Suicidal thoughts.

  • Struggling

    Anxiety without relief. Preoccupation.
    Lingering sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness. Persistent anger. Decreased performance at work. Significantly disturbed sleep (falling asleep and staying asleep). Avoidance of social situations, isolation.

  • Reacting

    Irritable/impatient. Nervous, sad. Increased worrying, procrastination, forgetfulness. Difficulty sleeping or falling asleep. Lowered energy. Difficulty relaxing. Intrusive thoughts. Decreased social activity. Numb.

  • Healthy

    Typical mood fluctuations. Takes things in stride. Usual sleep patterns. Consistent performance. Physically and socially active. Comfortable with others. Usual self-confidence. Feel in touch with myself.

Professional Support Resources

If you are distressed or struggling, please seek professional assistance. There is no need to walk this path alone and no shame in consulting with a mental health provider. Access to professional support resources are a phone call away.

Idaho Crisis & Suicide Hotline - call or text 988

Idaho Crisis & Suicide Hotline provides 24/7 free and confidential suicide and behavioral health crisis intervention. If you are a veteran in crisis, select '1' for connection to the Veteran Crisis Line.

Employee Assistance Program - Crisis Hotline and Counseling

  • Crisis assistance is available 24/7 by calling 1-888-860-1566. This team can also help schedule a counseling appointments.

St. Luke's Behavioral Health Clinics

St. Luke's behavioral health clinics provide clinical screening and triage with a mental health therapist for new referrals or patient inquiries and now offer availability of same-day (24-48 hours) or urgent (2-10 days) access for psychiatry and therapy as clinically indicated through triage. Your health records are always private and protected by law. 

  • Boise: (208) 706-6375 
  • Magic Valley: (208) 814-9100 
  • McCall: (208) 634-2225 
  • Nampa: (208) 505-2222 
  • Wood River: (208) 727-8970 

Additional Professional Support

Social Support Resources

Tapping into your network of support to balance and manage stress can help you strengthen and maintain your overall sense of well-being. We encourage you to participate when St. Luke's leaders organize staff support events and reflection rounding. You may also benefit from lifting your colleagues up and showing your support through Care Out Loud.

St. Luke’s network of social support resources also includes: 

  • Tess, AI Chatbot - 24/7 emotional support and check-ins to boost wellness. Text "Hi" to (650) 825-9634.
  • Nursing Peer-to-Peer Support - This resource is available to all St Luke’s employees who have experienced stress or a challenging life event, personally or professionally. To request support, please submit this confidential form
  • Physician/Provider Peer-to-Peer Support - confidential and peer-protected interaction with a St. Luke's colleague who can provide support when life takes an unexpected turn. They may have once been in your situation, or can relate to what you are going through.
  • Provider Well-Being Help Desk: (208) 381-1111 - offering all providers quick access to well-being support and resources (presented by the St. Luke's Provider Well-being Center of Excellence)
  • Nursing: Strengthening Resilience - tools and activities to help cultivate joy, balance, and satisfaction in your life.
  • TeamUp Texts - Even small connections and gestures of support can have a big impact. The Idaho Crisis & Suicide Hotline offers this program to provide mental health support via text messaging for anyone who is struggling with anxiety, depression, suicide, or anyone who could simply use more positive support. It's free and confidential.

Self-Care Resources

St. Luke’s has a variety of self-care resources and even spaces available to promote overall well-being and support mental, physical and emotional health.
  • Headspace mobile app - this mobile meditation app is free to employees and helps reduce stress, improve sleep and focus.
  • Health coaching - certified health coaches are available to partner with employees to help them define their personal vision of health and design a pathway to get there.
  • Massage services - massage can reduce stress and decrease pain and muscle tension. St. Luke's offers both table and chair massages to employees at an affordable price.
  • Hospital relaxation rooms - calming spaces that staff can enter to take a break and have a moment to themselves to decompress, stretch, sit in a massage chair, practice a Headspace meditation, or simply just breathe. Ask your department leadership about where to find your site’s relaxation room(s).
  • Your Mid-day Move - 10-minutes of live movement with fellow employees across St. Luke's. Movement offers many benefits, including increased focus, brighter mood, reduced stress, greater feelings of connection and more! 
  • Additional Resources
    Additional professional support resources are readily available to individuals struggling or in distress.

    • Employee Assistance Program - work-life balance services including counseling, legal services, financial help and more to help you navigate a variety of challenges.
    • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) - available to leaders to help support their employees through any event that causes unusually strong emotional reactions and has the potential to interfere with normal function at work or in life.
  • Not an Employee?
    It's important for everyone to be aware of their emotional temperature. If you are not a St. Luke's employee, but are struggling or in distress and in need of professional support, we encourage you to reach out for help immediately.

    Access suicide prevention, emotional and mental health support resources.