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The team at St. Luke's Clinic – Lifestyle Medicine is dedicated to helping you regain strength and fitness. We’ll be with you every step of the way, with a variety of resources we’ll tailor to your unique needs. 

Resources to Support Your Recovery

  • Licensed clinical social workers are available to address psychosocial and socioeconomic needs, assist with access to community resources, connect you to our tobacco treatment program, or help you manage anxiety or depression. They’ll also teach you mindfulness, stress reduction, and gratitude techniques to help you become more resilient in the face of stress. You may use counseling services for phase II of rehab, and will be referred out for services to a provider in the community if additional counseling is needed after graduation.
  • Occupational therapists will perform a formal balance and fall risk assessment, and can help design an individualized balance retraining home exercise program for anyone with balance concerns. Regular follow-up appointments are available to reassess your balance and fall risk, or to revise your home exercise program. Your therapist can also assist with concerns about performing activities of daily living and energy conservation. Appointments include instruction on use of equipment and techniques to conserve energy, increase independence, and minimize shortness of breath.
  • Dietitians are available to focus on your individual dietary needs. You can schedule a one-on-one appointment to learn more about topics such as the Mediterranean diet, controlling carbohydrates, and lowering sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. They can also help you with meal planning and recipe ideas.
  • Diabetes educators 

    help empower you to manage your disease. Diabetes education is not a lecture on what not to do; it’s real-life guidance, coaching, and support with a proven record of success. It can help you understand exactly how to best manage your diabetes, and to feel less alone while doing it.

  • Respiratory therapists assist anyone with pulmonary concerns. They'll give you a complete assessment, and develop a personalized pulmonary care plan. Your appointment will include a review of your current medications, oxygen therapy program, pulmonary hygiene, and an action plan to prevent an exacerbation and admission to the hospital. 
  • Exercise physiologists specialize in general strength and conditioning programs for people with heart disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders like arthritis and renal disease. A clinical exercise physiologist (EP) has similar training and experience as a physical therapist and will work with you on an individual exercise program to help you return to your pre-event level of functioning. This program typically results in an overall improvement in strength and endurance that’s even better than before your heart event. Your EP will also help you develop individual goals to address specific work, recreational, and self-care needs.
  • Registered nurses are available throughout your cardiac rehab program. They'll assist you with understanding your heart condition, medications, and personal risk factors; and will help you address any concerns or symptoms that may arise. Nurses will complete a thorough assessment of your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle, and medications during your first appointment, and as needed throughout the program. 
  • Case managers are assigned to each patient and will be your contact person throughout your rehab program for any questions or concerns, and will update you on your progress. Your case manager will help develop an individualized treatment plan, provide individual monitoring, and help you track your progress. 
  • Medical assistants work directly with our medical director, and act as a liaison between you and your cardiac rehab providers. The medical assistant can help you prepare for your cardiac rehab appointments, will routinely check with you during your visits, and follow up with you on ongoing issues.  
  • Front office staff will answer and direct your questions appropriately, whether they’re related to your appointments, billing, or insurance.